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  Since its inception in 1988, ChubGamSoft’s mission has been to create software that entertains and enriches people. ChubGamSoft’s early vision is coupled today with a strong commitment to Internet- related technologies that expand the power and reach of users. As the world’s leading freeware 3-D software provider, ChubGamSoft strives to produce innovative products that meet consumers' evolving wants and needs.

ChubGamSoft® is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for use on personal computers under the ChubGamSoft brand name. The company is also developing software for use on next generation machines, the Internet and on-line gaming services. Products are available internationally on the World Wide Web through premier software archives such as File Pile, ZDNet, and others.

A Global Commitment
As an international company, we develop products that meet the needs of consumers worldwide. Our long-term strategy in developing markets, and close working relationships helps us provide leading products for the global marketplace.

The Shape of the Future
At ChubGamSoft, we believe people shape the face of computing today and tomorrow. The critical forces in the personal computing and digital technology revolutions are the developers who define the technologies, and the customers who use these technologies every day.  ChubGamSoft’s commitment to making innovative software products, combined with a sincere appreciation for customer feedback, is the key to consumer's satisfaction and the company’s long-term success.

The ChubGamSoft Brand
The ChubGamSoft brand epitomizes freeware entertainment on the Internet. With a growing array of 3-D digital entertainment products and technologies, our software is fundamentally affecting the way many people on the planet are living. Fundamentally, a brand is a promise a company makes to consumers. At ChubGamSoft, we pledge to continually deliver satisfaction, value, and quality in all products that carry our name and logo. Products that help you accomplish your fantasies and enrich your life-whether it’s conversing with some 3-D virtual person, exploring new things, running down a 3-D corridor, or thwarting alien invaders.

Our tagline, "The best games on the Web" is an invitation to experience the many exciting possibilities offered by 3-D technology and the information age. Where people go is up to them; ChubGamSoft is there to help them get where they are going.


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